Friday, 2 January 2009

18 Months after British Studies

It's 18 months later and I am still enjoying the memories of my adventure in the U.K. I am in the middle of an intercession class, LIS 558 which, while not exactly London, is still pretty cool. I am learning more about blogs and wikis and rss feeds and all those other good things which kids today just grow up knowing and which baby boomers actually have to think about. Well, some of us anyway. I have learned lots, even though I knew a bit about the topic before.I still have much to learn as somehow or other I just printed my entire blog while trying to print an email from Google.:)

I do feel that each class I take, takes me to the next level. Of course the two British Studies classes moved me up a coupla notches I hope. :)
The professor of this class, Dr. Klingler, has a great sense of humor. Since I feel humor is one of God's great gifts, I appreciate that.

I remain in touch with some of the Mad Hatters and with my U.K. mentor in all things YA over there. I was even able to visit with some at the Children's Book Festival in Hattiesburg in 08. I mentally return to my whirlwind jaunt through Ireland with Edie, my Scottish climb up Arthur's Seat with Drew, and to my English days and nights in pubs and libraries and museums to perk myself up on those not-so-great days.

I hope to finish my Master's in Library Science at USM in May. I should start my Master's project this month and take comps in a few months. One of the things I have appreciated about this program is that the professors appear to want us to succeed. It's also been neat both in my online classes and in my British Studies getting to be involved with others who care about the library.

Several of the things which this program has done for me:
1) given me more confidence in my opinions. Being a paraprofessional for 20 years, I really didn't know where my thoughts and opinions stood in the professional world of librarianship. Now I realize that my natural instinct is on target. This program has confirmed that my opinions usually coincide with those of the profession itself, even if those around me see it differently.
2) broken my writer's block!
3) gave me something positive to focus on.
4) gave me something positive to talk about.
5) allowed me to show others that you might be surprised at what you can do.

I am still not sure why I am working so hard and spending so much money on graduate school when I will soon be old enough for Medicare, but it is one thing in my life that seems right, right now. :) The position I want does not exist; there is no position for a librarian for teens in my community library. But even though the future and what I will be doing in it interests me, it does not worry me.

Life is filled with surprises, some better than others.... Returning to school at this point in life was never in my plans, but has turned out to be one of those really good surprises. It helps me to remember that you never know just what's around the corner in life.. and sometimes it IS good. And thank God for that.
Blessings to all!